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adamantine vanguard greaves 60ArmorPurchased
shaped tailored tussanen leggings 16Armor 
rare medium vanguard greaves 5Armor 
Skyfire Pantaloons of Prophets 76Armor 
Yeti Hide Leggings 72ArmorPurchased
Medium Male Mannequin 0House ItemCrafted
Pants of the Natural 60Armor 
Explorer's Greaves of the Sun 56Armor 
Imperial Leggings of Fangs 56Armor 
Vagabond's Leggings of Concentration 16Armor 
Imbued Tanned Leather Pants 10ArmorCrafted
Imperial Pantaloons of Elements 56Armor 
Exalted Greaves of Concentration 61Armor 
crude imbued steel vanguard greaves 20Armor 
Arcane Greaves of the Oceans 71Armor 
artifact medium woven leggings 4Armor 
Nomad's Chaps of the Stoic 11Armor 
Radiant Leggings of Concentration 61Armor 
Ancient Pantaloons of the Sun 76Armor 
Pirate's Pantaloons of the Deep 6Armor 
Midnight Leggings of the Far Seas Traders 60ArmorPurchased
Focus: Instinct VI and Ability Reuse Speed 90Adornment 
Tailored Dexterous Etched Pants 30Armor 
forged coldsteel chainmail leggings 8Armor 
Shaped Imbued Scaled Leather Pants 52Armor