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Disciple's Hand Wraps 40ArmorDropped
Test Brawler Gloves 80Armor 
Journeyman Provisioner's Gloves 35Armor 
Instructor's Hand Wraps of the Serpent 50ArmorDropped
Nomad's Handguards of Fangs 11Armor 
Focus: Blood Rage VI and Potency (PvP) 90Adornment 
Rage-Fused Ferverous Marauder's Hand Wraps 30ArmorPurchased
Tallowed Steel Gauntlets 39Armor 
Supreme Blackguard's Despotic Cuffs 90ArmorDropped
Vagabond's Mitts of Storms 16Armor 
Overking's Mitts of Concentration 66Armor 
Focus: Dispatch III and Strikethrough 90Adornment 
Gloves of the Gatherer 54Armor 
Opulent Gloves of Elements 66Armor 
Rector's Exalted Plate Gloves of the Battlepriest 50ArmorDropped
Hardened Leather Gloves of the Gnoll Hunter 25ArmorPurchased
Journeyman's Handguards of Storms 1Armor 
Discord's Wrathcaller Gloves 90ArmorPurchased
Gauntlets of Devotion 57ArmorDropped
Sparkling Occult Stitching 20Adornment 
Glimmering Adornment of Endurance (Lesser) 36AdornmentCrafted
Explorer's Mitts of the Tree 56Armor 
Radiant Gloves of Concentration 61Armor 
Debris Covered Cuffs 1ArmorDropped
Tailored Cloth Mitts 32Armor