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Soldier's Gauntlets of the Swordbearer 10ArmorDropped
Spore Laden Gloves 79ArmorDropped
Righteous Preacher's Immortal Plate Gloves 60Armor 
Maestro's Massacring Cuffs 90Armor 
Mitts of Arcane Summoning 20ArmorDropped
Ning Yun Knitted Mitts 87Armor 
Grandmaster's Mitts of the Guardian 80Armor 
Pirate's Gloves of the Soldier 6Armor 
Focus: Lesser Riposte 80AdornmentPurchased
arcane officer gloves 30Armor 
Rage-Fused Repugnant Marauder's Hand Wraps 40ArmorPurchased
pit pushers 9ArmorDropped
Threadbare Mitts 0ArmorCrafted
Grandmaster's Handguards of Fangs 80Armor 
Shaped Tailored Strengthened Leather Gloves 40Armor 
Glimmering Occult Stitching 30Adornment 
bark coated chain gloves 21ArmorDropped
Crude Forged Steel Brigandine Gloves 22Armor 
Glowing Lichen Gauntlets 30Armor 
Hulking Gauntlets 79ArmorDropped
Resilient Grandmaster's Hand Wraps 64ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Disciple's Hand Wraps of the Swiftstriker 40Armor 
Grandmaster's Mitts of the Tree 80Armor 
Dreadnaught Gauntlets 90ArmorPurchased
Executioner's Truesteel Gauntlets 73ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item