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Instructor's Silverspun Hand Wraps of Perfection 50Armor 
Pristine Hallowed Gloves 90ArmorDropped
Tailored Damask Mitts 70ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Ghalea's Gauntlets 62Armor 
Scorched Magmatic Gloves 57ArmorDropped
Gloves of Symmetry 62Armor 
Woven Scaled Gloves 52Armor 
Emperor's Mitts of the Knight 71Armor 
uncommon medium magus gloves 3Armor 
Alluring Mitts 65ArmorPurchased
Medium's Bound Handguards of the Insightful 20ArmorDropped
Gloves of the Vigilant 67Armor 
Spiritweaver's Resplendent Cuffs 90Armor 
Void Knight's Darksteel Gauntlets 80ArmorCrafted
Discord's Deathdealer Gloves 90ArmorPurchased
Focus: Miracle Shot V 90AdornmentPurchased
Advancer's Chain Gloves of Courage 10Armor 
Untainted Tender's Leather Gloves of the Pureheart 10ArmorDropped
Focus: Harbinger VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment 
Focus: Harbinger VII and Ability Reuse Speed 90Adornment 
feather woven gloves 11Armor 
Brellium Brigandine Gauntlets 82ArmorCrafted
Grandmaster's Gloves of Battle 80Armor 
Stormcaller's Leather Gloves 72ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
dilettante's gloves 62ArmorCrafted