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Qeynosian chain gloves 10Armor 
Traveler's Handguards of Fangs 1Armor 
Prodigy's Fashioned Gloves 30Armor 
Yeti Fur Gloves 42ArmorPurchased
Tailored Sandcloth Mitts 50Armor 
Draconic Handguards of the Knight 80Armor 
Academy of Arcane Science Fieldwear Gloves 0Armor 
Vagabond's Handguards of Concentration 16Armor 
Focus: Instinct VI and Ability Reuse Speed 90Adornment 
Imperial Gloves of the Soldier 56Armor 
Vanguard Gauntlets of Sustaining 20Armor 
Gloves of the Vault Mage 60ArmorDropped
Faber's Iced Gloves of Dominance 90Armor 
Emperor's Gauntlets of Vision 71Armor 
Overking's Gauntlets of the Gambler 66Armor 
Opulent Gauntlets of Grace 66Armor 
Al'Kabor's Spellborn Gloves 69ArmorDropped
Focus: Bonechiller Venom 90AdornmentPurchased
Fiendish Oracle's Handguards 35ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Gauntlets of Overrealm Achievements 0Armor 
Horned Gruengach Gauntlets 88ArmorCrafted
Focus: Shroud of Armor VII 90AdornmentPurchased
Mind's Eye Mitts 71Armor 
Koada'Vie Defender's Gloves 1Armor 
Focus: Malevolent Diatribe VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment