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Focus: Riposte 90AdornmentPurchased
Focus: Flash of Brilliance VI 90AdornmentPurchased
Arcane Mitts of the Soldier 71Armor 
Shining Blotch Pal Gauntlets 18ArmorDropped
Naturewalker's Leather Gloves of the Sapient 60ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Exalted Handguards of the Deep 61Armor 
Fusidic Leather Gloves 64Armor 
Nemesis Chain Gloves 67ArmorDropped
Overking's Gloves of Grace 66Armor 
Gloves of the Literati 11Armor 
Gloves of Warsongs 27ArmorDropped
Feyiron Chainmail Gloves 30ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Draconic Gauntlets of Beasts 80Armor 
Nomad's Gloves of the Iron-heart 11Armor 
Opulent Gauntlets of Fangs 66Armor 
Durable Woven Gloves 20Armor 
Finely Etched Steel Gauntlets 79ArmorDropped
Clan McDougall Gauntlets 1Armor 
Sporeharvester Gloves 7Armor 
Draconic Handguards of the Soldier 80Armor 
Opulent Gauntlets of the Knight 66Armor 
Blackcoat Gloves 67ArmorDropped
Medium Male Mannequin 0House ItemCrafted
Crude Forged Steel Plate Gauntlets 22Armor 
Brutal Gauntlets of Ghoz 80ArmorDropped