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Shaped Forged Carbonite Plate Gussets 20Armor 
crude forged xegonite devout gussets 62Armor 
Mentor's Dark Silk Wrist Wraps 45ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Adept's Woven Cuffs 12ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Grandmaster's Bracers of Survival 80Armor 
Smoldering Adornment of Swift Casting (Lesser) 76AdornmentCrafted
Jagged Rune: Glacial Lance X 90AdornmentPurchased
Shadow Linked Bracers 67ArmorDropped
Emperor's Sleeves of the Soldier 71Armor 
Dustbone Bracer 54ArmorDropped
Opulent Bracers of Elements 66Armor 
Sheer Silk Bracers 24ArmorDropped
Exalted Sleeves of the Sun 61Armor 
Vagabond's Armguards of Devotion 16Armor 
Seraphic Bands of the Augur 90Armor 
Jagged Rune: Shrug Off IV 90AdornmentPurchased
Crude Forged Cobalt Plate Gussets 52Armor 
Celestial Curate's Tempered Vambraces 90ArmorDropped
Cavalier's Bloodstained Bracers 45ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
ice threaded sleeves 40Armor 
Emperor's Vambraces of the Guardian 71Armor 
Sparkling Reinforced Rune 20Adornment 
Wristguard of MacKulla 90Armor 
080_07_priest_chain_forearms_2 80Armor 
crude forged feyiron vanguard gussets 24ArmorCrafted