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Illuminate's Still Water Wrist Wraps 71ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Shining Tesch Val Bracers 43ArmorDropped
Frostruned Wristguards 79ArmorPurchased
Thunderguard bracers 60Armor 
Ancient Sleeves of the Iron-heart 76Armor 
Journeyman's Bracers of the Tree 1Armor 
Elementalist's Bands of the Citadel 90Armor 
Ethereal Adornment of Critical Chance (Greater) 88AdornmentCrafted
Crude Forged Indium Devout Gussets 50Armor 
Nomad's Vambraces of the Deep 11Armor 
Gussets of Elemental Binding 24Armor 
Horseman Halfguard 80Armor 
The Silvered Wristguards of Lord Everling 50ArmorDropped
Myrmidon's Bracers of the Sentinel 50ArmorDropped
Ancient Armguards of Storms 76Armor 
Sparkling Ice Linked Bracers 52ArmorPurchased
Spellbound Bracers of Protection 57Armor 
Titanium Devout Gussets 80ArmorCrafted
Pirate's Sleeves of the Oceans 6Armor 
tailored sackcloth cuffs 1Armor 
Runic Darksteel Gussets 53ArmorDropped
Exarch's Blessed Sacrament Wristguard of Oration 74ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Forged Feysteel Chainmail Bracers 32Armor 
Fire-Tried Bands 57ArmorDropped
shaped tailored merchantine sleeves 6Armor