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Imperial Sleeves of Light 56Armor 
Necrotic Wrist Wrappings 80ArmorDropped, Purchased
Quel'ule Defender Wristguards 87ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
magician's cuffs 1Armor 
Focus: Riposte 90AdornmentPurchased
Jagged Rune: Harvest Mana VI 90AdornmentPurchased
Divine Exemplar's Wristguard of the Faithhealer 10ArmorDropped
Forged Feyiron Chainmail Bracers 30ArmorCrafted
linen vambraces of the kerra 2ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Focus: Lesser Strikethrough 80AdornmentPurchased
Exalted Sleeves of the Tree 61Armor 
Naturewalker's Bands of the Forestspeaker 54ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cuffs of Jarring Impact 60ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
tailored fabricator's sleeves 20Armor 
Jagged Rune: Caress Feedback 90AdornmentPurchased
Sublime Wristguard of the Gambler 90Armor 
Diviner's Chain Cuffs 40ArmorDropped
Ancient Bracers of the Knight 76Armor 
faded silk twine wristguards 25ArmorDropped
Exalted Armguards of Survival 61Armor 
Reverent Wristguard of Momentum 30ArmorCrafted
Venerable Bracers of the Stormbringer 90ArmorPurchased, Crafted
Medium Male Mannequin 0House ItemCrafted
carbonite platemail wristguards 23Armor 
etched leather wristpads 35Armor