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savory sabertooth steak 50Food 
Bot-Scooped Ice Cream 1Food 
Halasian-Seasoned Beef Jerky 10FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
Bot-Scooped "Cog Crunch Crumble" Ice Cream 1Food 
delectable candied black walnuts 10Food 
bland honey cookie 30FoodCrafted
Marr Cherry Sweetbread 80FoodCrafted, Quest Item
fayberry cheesecake 20FoodCrafted
savory peach cheesecake 40FoodCrafted, Quest Item
savory cucumber stew 30FoodCrafted
beer braised bear 30FoodCrafted
bland roasted sweet onion 20FoodCrafted
savory fayberry muffins 20FoodCrafted, Quest Item
bland sunfish casserole 1Food 
artichoke omelet 50Food 
delectable nutmeg cookie 1Food 
a soggy gnome sandwich 100FoodPurchased
acorn bread 30FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
delectable cinnamon cookie 20FoodCrafted
delectable marjoram grilled crayfish 20FoodCrafted
delectable vulrich leg 10Food 
Delicious Cake 10FoodCrafted
Evdokia's Cheese Cake 30FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
Sacred Sustenance - Food 1Food 
Frozen Pincer Chowder 20FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item