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herb crusted frog legs 1Food 
bland carp soup 30FoodCrafted
bland pasta 1Food 
Caiman Steak Sandwich 50FoodCrafted, Quest Item
savory manticore steak 40FoodCrafted
delectable chocolate covered cashew 30FoodCrafted
Voleen's Delectable Cinnamon Roll 40FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
sweet onion omelet 20FoodCrafted
deer soup 1Food 
Fayberry Fudge 20FoodCrafted
savory cichlid sandwich 10FoodQuest Item
delectable trout steak 40FoodCrafted
bland basil grilled deer 1Food 
savory caiman casserole 50Food 
savory roasted sweet onion 20FoodCrafted
grilled flying fish 60FoodCrafted, Quest Item
delectable orange pie 10Food 
fiery wyrm steak 40FoodCrafted
Evdokia's Cheese Cake 40FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
Buttered King Prawns 70FoodCrafted
Moist Fruitcake 0Food 
delectable fiery wyrm steak 40FoodCrafted
manticore stroganoff 40FoodPurchased
savory bear steak 30FoodCrafted
Bamboo Seasoned Octopus Chop 80FoodCrafted
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