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Savory Steak 10FoodCrafted
Pickled Seahorse Roe 80FoodCrafted
Sandstalker Steaks 1FoodPurchased
delectable fayberry cheesecake 20FoodCrafted
saffron grilled trout 40FoodCrafted
cichlid jerky 10Food 
Lichenclover Root Crisps 70FoodCrafted, Quest Item
delectable pork chop 20FoodCrafted
Roasted Barracuda Steak with Cranberry Sauce 70FoodCrafted
peppermint candy 10FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
Triggerfish Pie 1FoodPurchased
candied fayberry 20Food 
Wild Apple Cheesecake 30FoodCrafted
chopped kiola nut 40FoodPurchased
delectable chocolate covered orange 10Food 
bland dried white peach 40FoodCrafted
savory fudge 1Food 
Scrumptious Fruit 10FoodCrafted
deer casserole 1Food 
savory cashew pie 30FoodCrafted
savory carp sandwich 30FoodCrafted
crayfish bites 20FoodPurchased
savory pear pie 50Food 
Baked Tigershrimp 50FoodCrafted, Quest Item
savory thyme grilled vulrich 10FoodQuest Item