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Torsis Tea Ice Cream 70FoodCrafted
savory almond fudge 20FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Caynar Nut Encrusted Octopus Filet 80FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Ratonga Pickles 1FoodPurchased
Mooshga mush 10FoodCrafted
soup broth 1Food 
Voleen's Warm Cinnamon Roll 70FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
savory candied kiola nut 40Food 
savory bear pasta 30FoodCrafted
Spicy Sarnak Tail 80FoodCrafted
bland almond pie 20FoodCrafted
roasted cabbage 1Food 
delectable shallot grilled carp 30FoodCrafted
bland bear soup 30FoodCrafted
bland carp sandwich 30FoodCrafted
savory baked crab 10Food 
Shark Fin Souffle 0FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
bland thyme grilled cichlid 10Food 
octopus pasta 20FoodCrafted
chopped pecans 1FoodPurchased
Hopple's Savory Apple Pie 30Food 
delectable crispy snapper 30FoodCrafted
delectable crayfish jerky 20FoodCrafted
bland honey cake 30FoodCrafted
jumjum pie 1Food