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savory chocolate covered pear 50Food 
slice of pumpkin pie 30FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
Seared Barracuda Steak 70FoodCrafted
delectable cichlid jerky 10Food 
meat pie surprise 10FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
delectable artichoke stew 50Food 
Volatile Chaw 10FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
savory chocolate orange cake 10FoodQuest Item
bland caiman soup 50Food 
savory deer sandwich 1Food 
delectable chocolate jumjum cake 1Food 
Masu 40FoodCrafted, Quest Item
delectable deer pasta 1Food 
Kobold Meat Reduction 80FoodCrafted
delectable pork pie 20FoodCrafted
White Day Chocolates 10Food 
carp casserole 30FoodCrafted
savory black walnut pie 10FoodQuest Item
delectable apple pie 30FoodCrafted
delectable dried apple 30FoodCrafted
bland carp steak 30FoodCrafted
delectable candied macadamia 50Food 
carrot stew 10Food 
Unagi 50FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Barracuda Bone Soup 70FoodCrafted