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bland candied macadamia 50Food 
bland crayfish soup 20FoodCrafted
cookies 100FoodPurchased
Half Elf Pickles 1Food 
hyena jerky 10FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
delectable bear casserole 30FoodCrafted
bland chocolate covered pecan 1Food 
delectable almond crusted mackerel 20FoodCrafted
savory browncap mushroom stew 40FoodCrafted
chocolate covered jumjum 1Food 
bland chocolate cake 20FoodCrafted
delectable dried orange 10Food 
savory pear cheesecake 50Food 
basil grilled sunfish 1Food 
orange pie 10Food 
Wyrm Steak 40FoodCrafted, Quest Item
Behemoth Reduction 70FoodCrafted
bland chocolate covered peach 40FoodCrafted
preserved lime 1FoodQuest Reward, Quest Item
bland deer pasta 1Food 
savory basil grilled deer 1Food 
savory deer pie 1Food 
savory pecan-jumjum trail mix 1FoodQuest Item
Roast Gazer with Gravy 80FoodCrafted
Grilled Barracuda 70FoodCrafted, Quest Item