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Empowered Elemental Ring 80AccessoryPurchased
Explorer's Ring of the Sun 56Accessory 
Scorpion Ring 10Accessory 
Bermo's ring of secrets 5AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Eye Mounted Ring 80AccessoryDropped
imbued agate ring of wisdom 20Accessory 
Band of the Elven Princess 50AccessoryDropped
Kunzite Ring 70AccessoryCrafted
Vicar's Ring of Annihilation 60AccessoryPurchased
Ring of the Elusive 14AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Spectral Ring 47Accessory 
T'golth's Signet 79Accessory 
Silver Coldain Insignia Ring 90AccessoryQuest Reward, Purchased, Quest Item
Glimmering Rugged Polishing Stone 30Adornment 
Crude Fashioned Silver Band 12Accessory 
Band of Battle Hymns 79AccessoryDropped
Crest of Direct Opposition 30Accessory 
Hate-Infused Band 12Accessory 
Traveler's Ring of Knowledge 1Accessory 
Klyseer Ring 77Accessory 
Scale of Ordanach 30Accessory 
Fashioned Rhodium Band 42Accessory 
Ring of Corrosion 51AccessoryDropped
Ringlet of Thundering Voices 50Accessory 
Dagorel's Ring of Brawling 10Accessory