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tainted scorpion shell ring 33AccessoryDropped
turquoise ring 11AccessoryDropped
Ring of Acknowledgment 10Accessory 
Vampiric Ringlet of Thirst 60AccessoryDropped
Scholar Primarch's Signet Ring 90AccessoryDropped
Dawn-Branded Band of Vitality 20Accessory 
Wyvern Scaled Band 67AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
crude imbued vanadium band of stamina 50Accessory 
Negative Energy Channeler 80AccessoryDropped
Radiating Gem of Striking 1AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Murkwater Ring 14AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Adventurer's Ring of Grace 11Accessory 
Crest of Brownie Lore 50Accessory 
Crystallized Essence of the Void Mender 80AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Bloodstone Ring 40Accessory 
Radiant Ring of the Deep 61Accessory 
Crude Imbued Turquoise Ring of Intelligence 10Accessory 
Grand Othmir Circlet of Prexus 90AccessoryPurchased
Oiled Ring of Rapidity 80AccessoryCrafted
Symphonium Band 39Accessory 
Canopy Ring 4Accessory 
Signet of Frozen Arcana 79AccessoryDropped
Niksel's Ring of Enchantment 10Accessory 
Tarnished Blood Ring of Sahkmeht 60AccessoryDropped
Wanderer's Ring of the Oceans 16Accessory