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Dulled Ring of Undead Delving 70AccessoryDropped
Strengthened Titanium Ring 85AccessoryPurchased, Crafted
Magi's Ring of Destruction 70AccessoryPurchased
Ring of Deep Cold 90AccessoryDropped
Imbued Opal Ring of Stamina 30Accessory 
fashioned turquoise ring 8Accessory 
Loop of the Void Army 84AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Signet of the Enthralled 85AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ringlet of Calming Voices 30AccessoryDropped
Krronr's Ring of Destruction 90AccessoryDropped
Imperial Ring of the Gambler 56Accessory 
Frenzied Band of the War Mage 40AccessoryDropped
Sacred Ring (2000 Favor) 0Accessory 
Grandmaster's Ring of Prophets 80Accessory 
Crest of Ruined Lands 10AccessoryDropped
Imbued Opal Ring of Wisdom 32Accessory 
Unity Band 60AccessoryPurchased
Signet of Imaginable Power 24AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
imbued topaz ring of wisdom 60Accessory 
crude fashioned turquoise ring 4Accessory 
Draconic Ring of Concentration 80Accessory 
Myanmar Ring of Conceit 10Accessory 
Channeler's Loop 6Accessory 
Z'yra's Poison Ring 66AccessoryDropped
Loop of Added Bolstering 10AccessoryDropped