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Ancient Slayer's Ring of Intelligence 33Accessory 
Fortified Clutch of the Boundless 70AccessoryCrafted
Loop of Stolen Power 10Accessory 
Banded Adventurer's Crest 10Accessory 
Traveler's Ring of Elements 1Accessory 
Ring of Minotaur Horn 79AccessoryDropped
Ring of the Frontier Predator 78AccessoryDropped
Band of the Wisened Erudite 80AccessoryDropped
Band of the Wise 22Accessory 
Signet of the Frenzied Tempest 80AccessoryDropped
Mark of Sullon 30AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Obsidian Ring 20Accessory 
Ancient Slayer's Ring of Wisdom 33Accessory 
Crude Imbued Ruthenium Band of Strength 32Accessory 
Crude Imbued Vanadium Band of Stamina 52Accessory 
shaped imbued opal ring of intelligence 30Accessory 
Chemist's Poison Ring 90AccessoryCrafted
Dragonscale Ring 68AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Crude Imbued Turquoise Ring of Wisdom 10Accessory 
Archpriest Royal Signet Ring 90AccessoryDropped
Imbued Palladium Band of Stamina 22AccessoryCrafted
Crest of the Banished Titan 70AccessoryDropped
Arcane Iksar Band 68AccessoryPurchased
Overking's Ring of Storms 66Accessory 
agate ring 20AccessoryPurchased