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Band of the Ravenscale Protectorate 79AccessoryDropped
Ring of Enchanted Might 24Accessory 
Imbued Opaline Ring of Stamina 30AccessoryCrafted
Ring of the Spellbound 34Accessory 
Band of Songs 68AccessoryDropped
Light Chitin Ring 65Accessory 
Foul Bone Carved Ring 88AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ring of Memorization 19Accessory 
Band of Perpetuity 68AccessoryDropped
Green Grinning Goblin Ring 68AccessoryDropped
Emissary's Ring of the Sly 14Accessory 
Wayward Ring of the Knight 6Accessory 
crude imbued azurite band of agility 60Accessory 
Holytide Band 79AccessoryCrafted
Ornamented Circlet of the Utterly Murderous 90AccessoryDropped
Feathered Ring 62AccessoryCrafted
Band of Haunted Visions 67AccessoryDropped
Rosch Mal Ring 30AccessoryDropped
Shaped Imbued Vanadium Band of Stamina 52Accessory 
Imbued Rhodium Band of Stamina 42AccessoryCrafted
Ring of Swirling Darkness 61Accessory 
Dingy Ring 13Accessory 
Imbued Gold Band of Strength 20AccessoryCrafted
Radiant Ring of Beasts 61Accessory 
Sparkling Fiery Polishing Stone 20Adornment