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Pirate's Ring of Devotion 6Accessory 
Ring of Fungal Horror 90AccessoryDropped
Icy Ring of Summoning 72AccessoryPurchased
Hidden Signet of the Feerrott 36AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emblem of the Night 10Accessory 
Polished Ring of the Farseer 30AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
crude fashioned simple ring 1Accessory 
Tainted Signet of Immortality 30Accessory 
Band of Direct Opposition 30Accessory 
crude imbued nacre ring of intelligence 50Accessory 
Band of Earth Mending 80AccessoryDropped
Spell-Shocked Knotted Band 87Accessory 
tainted drake's skin ring 35AccessoryDropped
Dulled Blood Ring of Sahkmeht 70AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Rhodium Band 42AccessoryCrafted
Skyfire Ring of Clouds 76Accessory 
Turned Signet of Legend 10AccessoryDropped
Ring of the Vasty Matriarch 90AccessoryDropped
Ring of Collected Heroes 90AccessoryDropped
Golden Band of the Prairie 10Accessory 
Lucid Band of Volatility 40AccessoryCrafted
Enforcer's Platinum Ring of Strength 90AccessoryDropped
Loop of Tarnished Reputation 60Accessory 
Imbued Vanadium Band of Strength 52AccessoryCrafted
crude imbued nacre ring of wisdom 50Accessory