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Draconic Sabatons of the Guardian 80Armor 
rare high artisan shoes 1Armor 
Woven Engraved Boots 32Armor 
Spellbound Prodigy's Shoes 30Armor 
Pirate's Sandals of the Oceans 6Armor 
Focus: Blood Rage VI and Potency (PvP) 90Adornment 
Focus: Dispatch III and Strikethrough 90Adornment 
Exalted Sabatons of Knowledge 61Armor 
Wayward Sabatons of the Knight 6Armor 
Tailored Sackcloth Slippers 1Armor 
Draconic Sandals of Beasts 80Armor 
Glyphed Dune Boots 55Armor 
Wayward Sandals of the Deep 6Armor 
Slippers of the Enticing 75ArmorPurchased
Wayward Sandals of Concentration 6Armor 
Glistening Hardened Ice Boots 42ArmorPurchased
Draconic Boots of Mirrors 80Armor 
Jagged Rune: Glacial Lance X 90AdornmentPurchased
Opulent Slippers of the Tree 66Armor 
Rolled Discordmail Boots 60ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Guide Slippers 1ArmorPurchased
Magus's Glowing Gossamer Shoes of Blasting 79ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Illuminate's Still Water Foot Wraps 75ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Warped Boots of Pox 51Armor 
Barkskin Sandals 80Armor