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Consecrated Sabatons of the Eternal Battlefield 90ArmorDropped
Emperor's Sabatons of the Oceans 71Armor 
Journeyman's Sandals of the Iron-heart 1Armor 
renegade diabolist boots 20ArmorDropped
Boots of the Ever Brooding 1Armor 
Crude Tailored Sandcloth Slippers 50Armor 
Focus: Bonechiller Venom 90AdornmentPurchased
Magus's Ensorcelled Satin Shoes 73ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Mystical Down Slippers 68ArmorDropped
tailored roughspun slippers 8Armor 
Arcane Sandals of Elements 71Armor 
Opulent Sandals of Devotion 66Armor 
Rage-Fused Ardorous Marauder's Shoes 60ArmorPurchased
Focus: Shroud of Armor VII 90AdornmentPurchased
Skullhelm's Sabatons 86ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Focus: Malevolent Diatribe VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment 
Skyfire Sabatons of Mirrors 76Armor 
Scaled Boots of the Wyrmslayer 0Armor 
Shoes of the Sage 90Armor 
Grandmaster's Boots of Storms 80Armor 
Tailored Specialist's Shoes 50Armor 
Symphonic Boots 80ArmorPurchased
Skyfire Slippers of the Knight 76Armor 
Clockwork Crusader's Sabatons 1Armor 
Faded Cloth Sandals of Akh Sul 80ArmorDropped