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electrum hoop 10AccessoryPurchased
Blood Coated Earring 77AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
crystalline rock shard earrings 14AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Scintillating Psychic Backing Stone 60Adornment 
Shadowed Earring of the Void 77AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Obsidian Anchored Loop 90AccessoryDropped
Cimmerian Hoop 30Accessory 
Rumbler's Tear of Glistening 20AccessoryDropped
Explorer's Earring of the Iron-heart 56Accessory 
Spike of the Sand Goblin 40AccessoryDropped
Studs of Amassed Fortitude 25Accessory 
Frosted Earlinks 41Accessory 
Lteth Mas Stud 24Accessory 
Steelguard hoop 58Accessory 
Spike of Roaming Lands 50AccessoryDropped
Scintillating Holy Backing Stone 60Adornment 
Pirate's Earring of Grace 6Accessory 
Fashioned Nacre Earring 50Accessory 
Hoop of the Master 40AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Opal Earrings 30Accessory 
Earstud of Blazen Flight 20Accessory 
Earring of Disgust 4Accessory 
Wayward Earring of Grace 6Accessory 
Earring of the Shadow Hunter 40Accessory 
Hoop of Darkened Waters 51AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item