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Luminous Earring of Offense 90Accessory 
Twelve Tone Earstone 80AccessoryDropped
Ancient Earring of Concentration 76Accessory 
Grandmaster's Earring of Devotion 80Accessory 
Lobe Clamp of Eternal Punishment 90Accessory 
Scavenger Tooth Earring 9AccessoryDropped
Earhoop of Desert Power 40Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Fire Opal Earring 26Accessory 
Corroded Gemmed Stud 70AccessoryDropped
Wanderer's Earring of Grace 16Accessory 
Earring of Elemental Dominance 90AccessoryDropped
Hoop of the Lucanic Knights 14AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Banishing Stud of the Void 84AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Earring of Divination 57AccessoryDropped
Radiant Earring of the Soldier 61Accessory 
Fashioned Pearl Earring 52Accessory 
Highland Earring of the Agile 80Accessory 
Screeching Stud of Silence 79Accessory 
Luminous Adornment of Arcane Resilience (Lesser) 46AdornmentCrafted
Clawed Jungle Hoop 10AccessoryDropped
Shimmering Gem of Mental Fortitude 1AdornmentQuest Reward, Quest Item
Lucid Stud of Impulse 90AccessoryCrafted
Tormented Bloodstone Jewel 21AccessoryDropped
Crystallized Blood Earstud 90AccessoryDropped
Soothsayer's Earring 44AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item