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Earrings of Enlightened Vision 47AccessoryDropped
Circle of Necrosis 80AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Earring of Survival 71Accessory 
Fashioned Opal Noxious Stud 32Accessory 
Glinting Obsidian Earring 61AccessoryDropped
Sparkling Venom Laced Backing Stone 20Adornment 
Earring of Perpetual Wanderlust 50AccessoryDropped
Algific Hoop 45Accessory 
Tarnished Hoop of the Dead 60AccessoryDropped
Corroded Platinum Hoop of Amontor 70AccessoryDropped
Earstud of the Enchanted 40AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Faceted Gnomish Symbol 40AccessoryDropped
090_775_01_tank_ears 90Accessory 
Fashioned Nacre Arcane Stud 50Accessory 
Zig's Wing 35AccessoryDropped
Grandmaster's Earring of the Knight 80Accessory 
Radiant Stone 11Accessory 
crude fashioned ruby earrings 34Accessory 
Chel'Drak's Tooth 70AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Opal Earrings 30Accessory 
shaped fashioned moonstone arcane stud 62Accessory 
Concentration Hoop 45AccessoryDropped
fashioned rhodium hoops 38Accessory 
Gnomish Earring of Lost Marbles 40AccessoryDropped
Avazek Earstud of Turbulence 90AccessoryDropped