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Facet of Sickened Souls 20Accessory 
Glimmering Adornment of Endurance (Lesser) 36AdornmentCrafted
Stud of the Conduit 90AccessoryDropped
Emperor's Earring of the Nimble 71Accessory 
coil of courage 8Accessory 
Fashioned Jasper Elemental Stud 22AccessoryCrafted
Coiled Vertebra Loop 79AccessoryDropped
Sky-Forged Earring of Hope 20Accessory 
Fashioned Palladium Hoops 20Accessory 
Vagabond's Earring of Concentration 16Accessory 
Disturbing Spike of Severed Bone 71AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Abundant Earhoop of the Void 90AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ear Stud of Strengthening 90Accessory 
Shadow Initiates Hoop 67AccessoryDropped
Earring of Mind Transferrance 67AccessoryDropped
Radiant Earring of the Profound 70AccessoryCrafted
Bloodspecked Hoop 77AccessoryDropped
Stud of the Battle Snack 90AccessoryDropped
Arcane Earring of Beasts 71Accessory 
Fashioned Diamondine Hoop 40Accessory 
Orc Bone Spike 10Accessory 
Earring of the Silent Fist 10AccessoryDropped
Sovereign Stickpin of Vast Amelioration 90AccessoryDropped
Mist Goblin Tooth Earring 75Accessory 
Walking Earhoop 75Accessory