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Shard of Polished Bone 70AccessoryDropped
Gooey Ear Plug 3AccessoryDropped
Draconic Earring of the Iron-heart 80Accessory 
Dangle of Clerical Precision 82AccessoryDropped
Oiled Studs of Rapidity 80AccessoryCrafted
Woven Trythec Earring 6Accessory 
Fashioned Opal Elemental Stud 32Accessory 
Hoop of Uncleanliness 90AccessoryDropped
Venom Glazed Earrings 43Accessory 
Facet of the Ocean Lord 60AccessoryDropped
malachite earring 1AccessoryPurchased
Stud of the Runnyeye Goblin 30AccessoryDropped
Earstud of Truth's Seduction 40AccessoryDropped
Earring of the Roosting Harpy 55AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Emperor's Earring of Fangs 71Accessory 
Aviak Captain's Earhoop 10AccessoryDropped
Purple Eye of Gile 88AccessoryDropped
Earring of Kendis 90AccessoryDropped, Purchased
Berserk Claw Earring 69AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Resounding Earhoop of Time 50Accessory 
Irolesk's eye 64AccessoryDropped
Shaped Molten Rock Earring 47AccessoryDropped
Crude Fashioned Fire Opal Earring 24Accessory 
Crude Fashioned Opal Arcane Stud 32Accessory 
enchanted opal earring 36Accessory