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Wild Apple Fizzlepop 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Inquisitor's Port 100Drink 
Iced Pomegranate Ambrosia 85DrinkCrafted
orange juice 10Drink 
chilled mushroom kalish 40DrinkCrafted
refreshing dark pear ale 50Drink 
gin 20DrinkCrafted
watery ogre swill 1Drink 
White Peach Fizzlepop 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Octopus Tentacle Rum 80DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Palmfruit Cider 80DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
creamed ice coffee 30DrinkCrafted
refine darjeeling tea leaf 50Drink 
watery corn malted milk 40DrinkCrafted
watery oolong tea 20DrinkCrafted
Juice of the Beetle 20DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
watery sweet onion kalish 20DrinkCrafted
schnapps 30DrinkCrafted
Sathirian Negotiator 70DrinkCrafted
refreshing dwarven stout 10Drink 
Darjeeling Tea 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled nagafen's flame 40DrinkCrafted
Brood Matron's Private Reserve 10DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
watery twice brewed beer 1Drink 
chilled gin and juice 20DrinkCrafted