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Sour Cranberry Brandy 70DrinkCrafted
chilled vanilla fizzlepop 10Drink 
watery hot toddy 1Drink 
watery vodka 10Drink 
cardamom fizzlepop 40DrinkCrafted
chilled Maj'Dul coffee 50Drink 
watery green tea 30DrinkCrafted
Cranberry Martini 70DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
chilled jumjum tea 1Drink 
watery Maj'Dul coffee 50Drink 
Flaming Bamboo Shooter 80DrinkCrafted
Sweet Brewed Torsis Tea 70DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
refreshing big fayberry 20DrinkCrafted
fae honey mead 80Drink 
Iced Ettin Tea 80DrinkCrafted
Steppes Mountain Coffee 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Inquisitor's Port 10Drink 
chilled vodka 10Drink 
wild apple juice 30DrinkCrafted
flask of water 1Drink 
Blue Blaze 10DrinkCrafted
chilled jumjum fizzlepop 1Drink 
Delicious Mead 10DrinkCrafted
refreshing orange beer 10Drink 
chilled robust coffee 40DrinkCrafted