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refreshing orange cider 10Drink 
Mountain Man 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
black-eye chai 60DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Cranberry Juice 70DrinkCrafted
refreshing mental core breach 50Drink 
watery white peach juice 40DrinkCrafted
flask of river water 20DrinkPurchased
watery jumjum fizzlepop 1Drink 
Marr Cherry Lager 80DrinkCrafted
big fayberry 20DrinkCrafted
Iced Lavastorm Robusta Coffee 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Pureed Fearstalker Smoothie 80DrinkCrafted
Crestrider's Tonic 1DrinkPurchased
watery mushroom kalish 40DrinkCrafted
Inquisitor's Port 80Drink 
refreshing brandy 1Drink 
Ambrosial Wine 90DrinkCrafted
chilled blasted samoflange 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Cucumber Gin and Tonic 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
watery white peach wine 40DrinkCrafted
flask of water 1Drink 
chilled fayberry martini 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Teren Tranquil Tipple 70DrinkCrafted
Cranberry Margarita 70DrinkCrafted
chilled rye malted milk 20DrinkCrafted