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barkdraught 30DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
watery woad of the warhound 10Drink 
rye malted milk 20DrinkCrafted
cool ale 30DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
chilled tequila 20DrinkCrafted
chilled fayberry tea 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
watery fayberry fizzlepop 20DrinkCrafted
pear malted milk 50Drink 
zombie 10Drink 
chilled golden saucer 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Bosprite Wine 60DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
egg nog 40DrinkCrafted
Cabbage Fizzlepop 0DrinkCrafted
chilled bumble bee 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
watery black coffee 1Drink 
chilled green tea 30DrinkCrafted
watery pear sparkling wine 50Drink 
refreshing Frizznik's Starcrest cream 50Drink 
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