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refreshing fayberry fizzlepop 20DrinkCrafted
Lapsang Lager 80DrinkCrafted
refreshing dark water 1Drink 
Frosted Lapsang Julep 80DrinkCrafted
watery reserve lager 40DrinkCrafted
creamed antonican coffee 10Drink 
Chunky Gazer Fizzlepop 80DrinkCrafted
refreshing white peach cider 40DrinkCrafted
watery chai 50Drink 
watery orange tea 10Drink 
watery golden saucer 20DrinkCrafted
wild apple wine 30DrinkCrafted
refreshing honey liqueur 30DrinkCrafted
watery zombie 10Drink 
chilled barley malted milk 1Drink 
antonican coffee 10Drink 
chilled fayberry margarita 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
refreshing pear beer 50Drink 
Chillblossom Fizzlepop 90DrinkCrafted
watery pear beer 50Drink 
starcrested coffee 50Drink 
Sweetened Cocoa Smoothie 70DrinkCrafted
Refreshing Roper Juice 80DrinkCrafted
refreshing mountain coffee 20DrinkCrafted
ice comet 10Drink