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refreshing creamed robust coffee 40DrinkCrafted
chilled overlord 50Drink 
watery pear cider 50Drink 
watery cracked spire 1Drink 
refreshing fayberry martini 20DrinkCrafted
white peach cider 40DrinkCrafted
watery pu-erh tea 40DrinkCrafted
Lendel's Grand Lager 1DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
chilled fayberry beer 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
afternoon tea 30DrinkCrafted
refreshing blue blaze 10Drink 
pear tea 50Drink 
refreshing fayberry beer 20DrinkCrafted
Sarnak Negotiator 70DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
white peach juice 40DrinkCrafted
summer fireworks 30DrinkCrafted
rum and fizz 40DrinkCrafted
chilled oolong tea 20DrinkCrafted
chilled white peach beer 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
refreshing jumjum brandy 1Drink 
refreshing roasted prickly pear 50Drink 
refreshing halasian porter 1Drink 
watery rum and fizz 40DrinkCrafted
whisky 10Drink 
Cockatrice Blood Infusion 70DrinkCrafted