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refreshing white peach sparkling wine 40DrinkCrafted
golden eye 50Drink 
Iced Green Tea 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Sleetsaber Clan Brew 10DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
cabbage kalish 1Drink 
underfoot draught 40DrinkCrafted
refreshing nagafen's flame 40DrinkCrafted
Eclectic "Smoothie" 10DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
chilled blue blaze 10DrinkQuest Item
watery glogg 50Drink 
Blended Palmfruit Martini 80DrinkCrafted
flagon of glacial water 1DrinkQuest Reward, Purchased, Quest Item
chilled fayberry wine 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
a can of cherry fizzlepop 100DrinkPurchased
Palmfruit Blended Tea 80DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
fayberry sparkling wine 20DrinkCrafted
Steaming Lapsang Tea 80DrinkCrafted
Green Tea Grinder 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Bottle of Ydalian Wine (alcoholic) 80DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
chilled rusty cogturner 10DrinkQuest Item
Creamed Torsis Tea 70DrinkCrafted
Herbal Flame 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
watery gin tonic 20DrinkCrafted
Steppes Mountain Espresso 20DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
refreshing pond juice 1Drink