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Cloak of the Arachnid 0Accessory 
Martial Sandcloth Wanderer's Cloak 50AccessoryCrafted
Cloak of Dark Desires 1Accessory 
Cloak of the Risen 67Accessory 
Adept Defender's Cloak 10AccessoryDropped
Mantle of Condensed Sunlight 60AccessoryDropped
Cape of the Night Warrior's Anger 60AccessoryDropped
Sathirian Shroud of Dynasty 80AccessoryCrafted
Drape of Ancestral Bellywhumping 72AccessoryDropped
Champion's Cape of Unyielding Will 80AccessoryPurchased
Lucanic Defender's Mantle 18AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Cape of Kor-sha 80AccessoryDropped
Wardpriest's Drape 80AccessoryDropped
Ancient Cabalisian Drape 72AccessoryDropped
Shadow Lord's Drape 14AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Kaladim Stone Stout cloak 1AccessoryCollection Reward, Shiny
Darklight Healer's Cloak 10AccessoryDropped
Small Wings of the League 0Accessory 
Sundered Mantle 80AccessoryDropped
Dirge's Drape of War 90Accessory 
Mystical Metalic Shroud 50AccessoryDropped
Highlander's Veil of Rejuvenation 80Accessory 
Mantle of the Ghoul Summoner 60AccessoryDropped
Conjuror's Banner of War 90Accessory 
Studded Wrap of the Dark Priest 60Accessory