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Cuirass of Serenity 50Armor 
Forged Feysteel Devout Cuirass 32Armor 
Cursed Steel Cuirass 57ArmorDropped
Focus: Harbinger VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment 
Focus: Harbinger VII and Ability Reuse Speed 90Adornment 
Teir`Dal Chest Plate 34ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
The Sea Mariner's Spirit 1ArmorCrafted
Chain Vest of Destructive Beaming 90ArmorDropped
Gi of the Disciple 42ArmorDropped
Roekillik Leather Tunic 18Armor 
Saturnine Silk Ensemble 70ArmorDropped
Adventurer's Tunic of the Deep 11Armor 
Robe of Forgotten Dreams 70ArmorDropped
Chestguard of Caustic Gore 60ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Crude Tailored Woven Waxed Tunic 2Armor 
Cenobite's Prodigious Gi 90Armor 
Raiment of Channeling 57Armor 
Otherworldly Spiritwalker's Spirit Fury Hauberk 60Armor 
Focus: Lesser Riposte 80AdornmentPurchased
Woodland Reclaimer's Tunic 30ArmorDropped
crude imbued cured tunic 10Armor 
crude tailored linen blouse 34Armor 
Shaped Imbued Cloth Blouse 32Armor 
artifact high magus blouse 5Armor 
Fulginate Devout Cuirass 40ArmorCrafted, Quest Item