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Overking's Vest of the Tree 66Armor 
Ancient Breastplate of Storms 76Armor 
White Red Medium Female Formalwear 1Armor 
Centered Gi of Pummeling 72ArmorPurchased
Naturewalker's Tunic 47ArmorPurchased
Templar's Breastplate 1Armor 
Focus: Malevolent Diatribe VII and Spell Casting Speed 90Adornment 
Ovate's Plane Strider Hauberk of the Spiritcaller 50Armor 
Nightbane Blood Mail Hauberk 37ArmorCrafted
Mess Hall Tunic 30Armor 
Skyfire Robe of the Stoic 76Armor 
Emperor's Robe of Concentration 71Armor 
carbonite chainmail coat 23ArmorDropped
Arcane Vest of the Nimble 71Armor 
Defender of the Harvest Foliage 1ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Elder's Tunic 18ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Overking's Breastplate of the Deep 66Armor 
Seven-Layered Breastplate 20Armor 
Opulent Breastplate of the Tempest 66Armor 
Trade Cured Breastplate 24ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Overking's Breastplate of Devotion 66Armor 
Overking's Breastplate of Grace 66Armor 
Soldier's Breastplate of Brawn 10Armor 
Focus: Miracle Shot V 90AdornmentPurchased
Explorer's Robe of Prophets 56Armor