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Tan Orange Low Female Formalwear 1Armor 
Rage-Fused Vitality Marauder's Hauberk 80ArmorPurchased
Shadow Grove Cuirass 13ArmorDropped
Focus: Riposte 90AdornmentPurchased
Jagged Rune: Harvest Mana VI 90AdornmentPurchased
Mailcoat of Militia Loyalty 12ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
arcane scientist's robe 20Armor 
Arcane Vest of Storms 71Armor 
Focus: Flash of Brilliance VI 90AdornmentPurchased
Chestplate of the Burning Dead 80ArmorDropped
Tailored Damask Robe 70ArmorCrafted, Quest Item
Vest of Screaming Silk 80ArmorDropped
Glorious Apostle's Plate Cuirass 31ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Brown Orange Medium Female Formalwear 1Armor 
Pirate's Breastplate of Clouds 6Armor 
Rector's Revered Plate Cuirass of the Battlepriest 50ArmorDropped
Overking's Tunic of the Oceans 66Armor 
Grandmaster's Vest of the Deep 80Armor 
Explorer's Breastplate of the Soldier 56Armor 
Jagged Rune: Caress Feedback 90AdornmentPurchased
Vagabond's Tunic of Fangs 16Armor 
Pirate's Vest of the Deep 6Armor 
Wayward Breastplate of the Tree 6Armor 
Arcane Robe of the Tree 71Armor 
Imbued Adamantine Devout Cuirass 60ArmorCrafted