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Crude Imbued Carbonite Chainmail Coat 20Armor 
specialist vest 50ArmorPurchased
Treespeaker's Ashenwood Tunic of the Forestspeaker 50Armor 
The Sea Mariner's Spirit 1Armor 
The Grace of the Regal Dame 1ArmorCrafted
Tunic of the Leafrunner 40Armor 
woven reinforced tunic 41ArmorDropped
Focus: Noxious Enfeeblement 90AdornmentPurchased
Wayward Vest of Clouds 6Armor 
Deific Rhapsodist's Despotic Hauberk 90ArmorDropped
Imperial Vest of the Iron-heart 56Armor 
Exalted Vest of Mirrors 61Armor 
Imbued Specialist's Vest 50Armor 
Crude Forged Fulginate Reverent Coat 40Armor 
Explorer's Vest of the Oceans 56Armor 
Di'Zok Emblazoned Plate Cuirass 77ArmorCrafted
Opulent Breastplate of the Stoic 66Armor 
Perfectly-Stitched Prophets Blouse 30Armor 
shaped forged ebon chainmail coat 36Armor 
torn bishop's tunic of Nektropos 49Armor 
Chestguard of Overrealm Achievements 0Armor 
Crude Imbued Cloth Blouse 32Armor 
Suffering Scalemail 79ArmorDropped
smarmy pirate shirt 1Armor 
Test Tunic 60Armor