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Tunare's Blessed Arrow 60Ammo 
Swift Slicer 0AmmoQuest Reward, Quest Item
ferrite bodkin arrow 70AmmoPurchased, Crafted, Quest Item
Tunare's Blessed Arrow 50Ammo 
Carbonite Crossbow Bolt 0Ammo 
trueshot throwing knife 55Ammo 
fulginate field point arrow 40AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
bronze throwing dagger 0Ammo 
Blackened Iron Arrow 10Ammo 
Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
adamantine shuriken 60AmmoPurchased
adamantine throwing axe 60AmmoPurchased
Burning Deathfist Arrow 40AmmoDropped
Fulginate Sling Bullet 0Ammo 
ferrite throwing axe 70AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
tynnonite arrow 70Ammo 
salvaged feyiron throwing shard 0Ammo 
feyiron bodkin arrow 30AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
gleaming emerald arrow 70Ammo 
adamantine bodkin arrow 60AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
ferrite throwing hammer 70AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
adamantine throwing dagger 60AmmoPurchased
indium bodkin arrow 50AmmoCrafted, Quest Item
Plain Tin Arrow 1AmmoPurchased
Plain Titanium Arrow 80AmmoPurchased