reptile meat  

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reptile meat
A slab of meat from a reptile. A merchant might pay a few coin for this item.

NameLevelZoneGrants AADrop Rate
A Carrion Dreg36-37   ^ ^ HeroicThe FeerrottNo25%
An Ice Walker44-45   ^EverfrostNo25%
Alizasaur40   ^ ^ ^ Epic x2The Trembling LagoonYes25%
A Carrion Dreg36-37   vThe FeerrottNo25%
A Carrion Dreg37-38   v v v   to   v v vThe Maid for the MistNo25%
A Greenblood Dreg36-37   -The FeerrottNo25%
A Carrion Scrapper37-38   v v vThe Maid for the MistNo25%
A Muck Dreg36-37   vThe FeerrottNo25%
A Flame Walker47-48   -LavastormNo25%
A Muck Dreg36-37   v v v   to   v vThe FeerrottNo25%