Monk Pebble  

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Monk Pebble
Like the pebble snatched from the hand of a master, this pebble is a token of the trials you have faced. It can be traded to Huang Mantian in the Village of Shin for a reward.

Fallen Dynasty Titles

There are several titles that can be obtained from the Tower of the Four Winds. First, you must obtain access to the tower. Then you can begin collecting monk pebbles which can be used to purchase the titles. The pebbles can be obtained through the different trials available in the tower, which come in a Solo or a Heroic variety (the Heroic versions grant double the pebbles of the Solo ones). Monk Pebbles can also be dropped by mobs inside the trials, although this is rare. The trials each have their own 3-day success lockout timer.

Once you have enough pebbles to purchase a title, visit Brother Huang Mantian in the first floor of the tower.

  • Suffix Titles
    • the Persistent (100 Pebbles)
    • the Fragrant (150 Pebbles)
    • the Vigilant (200 Pebbles)
    • the Fox (250 Pebbles)
    • the Decimator (300 Pebbles)
  • Prefix Titles
    • Golden Sun (500 Pebbles)
    • Sagacious (500 Pebbles)

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