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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
The Minions of Malkonis2900
The Minions of Meldrath2600
The Muckflick Goblins700
The Myntr Tribe810
The Mystic Guardians1300
The Nizari7000
The Onaya000
The Order of Marr230
The Order of Rime45470
The Order of the Blade830
The Ortallians1900
The Qeynos Guard56901
The Ragebourne000
The Ree Orcs3400
The Royal Antonican Guard030
The Rujarkian Orcs5400
The Runnyeye Goblins6800
The Sabertooth Gnolls13500
The Sandscrawlers700
The Sarnshak600
The Seafury Buccaneers30711
The Seamist Faeries1000
The Sel'Nok Brigade22140
The Serilian Horde600
The Silent Fist Clan000