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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
The Gindan700
The Great Herd2400
The Green Hoods1840
The Grikbar Kobolds400
The Guardians of the Vale9400
The Guardians of Thyr4400
The Gul'Thex Dragoons500
The Gwalnax Brigade8140
The Iksar Insurgents100
The Ironforge Exchange45271
The Irontoe Brigade35380
The Juggernauts100
The Kaentrik Bards000
The Kithicor Rangers600
The Krathuk300
The Kromise3500
The Krulkiel Bugbears2600
The Kwagan Goblin Tribe000
The League of Freethinkers4130
The Lost Children of Marr9100
The Lucanic Knights210
The Lyrech820
The Marked500
The Mazkeen Kobolds200
The Minions of Fear1200