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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
The City of Thurgadin87630
The Coalition of Tradesfolke65241
The Concordium9721
The Court of Al'Afaz2900
The Court of Tears100
The Court of the Blades312937
The Court of the Coin221937
The Court of the Master Djinn1700
The Court of Truth292036
The D'Vinnian Court4200
The Dark Bargainers15220
The Deathfist Death Squadron500
The Deathfist Orcs16000
The Dervish Cutthroats700
The Dismal Rage32821
The Dracurion Legion800
The Dreadnaughts660
The Echelon000
The Enchanted Reapers6700
The Everdark Mauls2200
The Evol Ew Lizardmen1400
The Far Seas Trading Company4330
The Forsaken City3600
The Freeport Militia3261061
The Fugutr Tribe510