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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
Ravens of the North25220
Remnants of Cabilis700
Renegade Draconic Servants000
Researchers of Quel'ule0160
Residents of Teren's Grasp158900
Ring of Scale100
Rodcet Nife150
Ry'zilk's Renegades11120
Scions of the Deepwater Knights5170
Scornfeather Harpies500
Seekers of the Dark Truth0180
Sentries of Tunaria1200
Snowfang Gnolls23200
Sol Defenders600
Sol Hate invaders200
Solusek Ro950
Sootfoot Talent Society0020
Survival Accord22550
Sylvan Hunters11380
Synod Reet31260
Tabernacle of Pain15100
Taloned Vigil1100
The Academy of Arcane Science196781