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NameMobsQuests IncreasingQuests Decreasing
Clan Thrael'Gorr840
Clan Ykesha700
Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters12150
Deepwater Researchers600
Defenders of the Seal19300
Descendants of V'uul1600
Disciples of the Circling Destiny1170
Disciples of Wu251
Doomwing Legion9500
Drachnids of Kunark600
Dragon Ring Construction Attackers000
Dragon Ring Construction Crew000
Drednever Expedition53530
Durus Clan300
Exiles of Droga17100
Fae of Kelethin1120
Fallen Solusek Mining Co.800
Far Seas Supply Division7970
Faydwer Bixies1000
Fell Blade2100
Fen Sifters000
Forgemasters of Thurgadin2230