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Site Migration

The site migration has been postponed until further notice. We'll let everyone know when we can set a date and time for this.

Site Migration

All sites will be taken offline around 10pm PST on October 17th 18th to migrate over to the new host. If this schedule changes, I'll let everyone know. Downtime will be a few hours, I don't have a specific time when everything will come back up but you can follow me on twitter at for updates or join our Discord channel at as well to get updates during the move.

Chaos Descending Beta Testing has Begun!

With Chaos Descending across the Elemental Planes, the time for Beta testing has arrived! When you pre-order EverQuest II: Chaos Descending, you'll be granted access to the expansion's closed Beta. As always, the feedback that players provide during the Beta testing phase of an expansion is invaluable to us, so we want to make sure that you're rewarded for your hard work!

Depending on what you help test, you'll be able to earn a variety of different rewards:

Questing Beta Reward


May be earned multiple times.


  • Mount: Errithak, the Black Ravager
    • 40 resolve
    • 5 Block chance
    • 495 Crit Chance
    • 2,555 Potency
    • 20,000 Max Power
    • 100,000 Max Health
    • 120,000 Ability Modifier


Tradeskill Beta Reward


May be earned multiple times.


  • Mount: Kristoph, the Purple Dread – A flying mount that grants both tradeskill and adventuring stats
    • 50 to all harvesting skills
    • Increases tradeskill durability gain by 5
    • Decreases experimental critical failure chance by 5%
    • 35 resolve
    • 5 Block chance
    • 475 Crit chance
    • 2,200 Potency
    • 15,000 Max power
    • 80,000 Max health
    • 100,000 Ability Mod


Heroic Beta Reward


Earned once, and may be claimed once per character.


  • Chaos Descending Beta Heroic Infuser Crate: 5 Chaos Descending Beta Infusers which grant a minimum of 80 Potency, 80 Crit Bonus, 4,500 Ability Modifier, 600 Stamina


Raid Beta Reward


Earned once, and may be claimed once per character.


  • Chaos Descending Beta Raid Infuser Crate: 5 Chaos Descending Beta Infusers which grant a minimum of 80 Potency, 80 Crit Bonus, 4,500 Ability Modifier, 600 Stamina


Each of the rewards can be earned multiple times by completing the requirements for unlocking them more than once - this can be done on alts, or by re-copying your character over to the Beta server. If you've already pre-ordered the expansion, you can learn more about how to join the beta server here.


Looking to leave or read feedback? Join the discussion on our Beta Forums


We look forward to hearing your thoughts, and we'll see you on the Planes!

EQ2 Server Downtime - October 9, 2018 (Part 2)

All EverQuest II Servers will be coming offline on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 6:00 PM PT (14:00 UTC) tor a quick maintenance that will fix the /claim issue that popped up earlier today.

Estimated downtime is expected to last under 2 hours.

Update Notes: Tuesday October 9, 2018

Plane of Disease: Virulent Insurrection [Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that caused the Bubonian adds in the Bertoxxulous encounter to not send their pass/fail message correctly.

Feeling Bewitched? Nights of the Dead is Here!

Did you hear that howl? Hijinks and haunts abound in Norrath, which means that Nights of the Dead has risen again!


From now until Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 11:59PM PT you can celebrate the most bone-chilling time of the year with these haunting features!

As always, there are a number of ways for Norrathians to join in on the spooky festivities! Crafters interested in putting together pieces to make their own Frankenstein forms can pick up a new book of recipes from the event merchants. Want to take advantage of the full harvest moon? Spend your nights hunting ghosts in Antonica and the Commonlands, investigating haunted locations, or grab a shovel and dig up a scary good time in any of the decorated cities! 


Wondering what spooktacular new features will be a part of this year's event?


TLE Servers:


  • For the first time, players on Fallen Gate can enjoy all the thrills and chills of Nights of the Dead! (Exception: A lost necklace cannot be looted from A Gleaming Chest in The Hedge Hollow.)


New Collection:


  • Grave Memories


New Merchant Items:


  • New costume illusions: Hobgoblin Costume and the Aviak Stormrider Costume!
  • New Petamorph Wands: Contagion and Spectral Executioner
  • New house items 
  • And more!

New for Crafters:


  • New holiday recipe book "Celebrations of the Dead XI"
  • Crafts include the Bubling Chalp Cauldron, Arcane Mistmoore Chandelier, Oversized Autumnal Globe, and much more!

If the dark nights make you uncertain, you can read up on Nights of the Dead on EQ2i.  

Don't miss out on this ghostly gathering - the spirits will return to their graves on Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 11:59PM PT!

Days of Summer – Week Seven

It's Tuesday once again, which means your favorite bear Yun Zi has a new request for you to fulfill! This week, Yun Zi will have you headed to the wild and dangerous jungles of The Feerrott. Complete this mission, and you'll earn the Firmament of Tol'Ren adornment, a Divine Potency Grant, a cloak and mantle, and of course, the Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 7.

Before you head out to the Feerrott, make sure that you've first completed all of Yun Zi's previous quests!


Yun Zi will have his second-to-last quest ready for you on Tuesday, October 9, at 12:01AM PT. Quests will unlock each Tuesday until 9 weeks of quests have been released and summer finally comes to an end.


Get geared up, and get ready to explore the dangers of the Feerrott!