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Update Notes: Tuesday September 19, 2017


  • All lockout zones in Desert of Flames have been changed into Persistent Instances. Raid zones have a 2 day 20 hour minimum and a 7 day maximum. Heroic instances have a 90 minute minimum and a 3 day maximum.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the Ancient Cyclops, Matron Suhailah, Matron Zaqibai and Ibtinaya the Scorned from dropping treasure.


  • Eye of Tranix from the Crown of King Tranix is now an activated effect.
  • Flame Shroud from the Crown of King Tranix is now a passive effect.
  • Trakanon's Belt of Growing Scales and Trakanon's Belt of Poison Scales have had their potency levels brought up into correct progression.
  • Vhalen's Unchained Fork - functions without having to be equipped.
  • Items that grant the Focused Proficiency buff now grant all of their stats via an inventory castable effect.


  • Defender of the Faith - Rock Disassembler functions without having to be equipped.

Update Notes: Thursday September 14, 2017

Skyshrine: City of Dracur

  • Removed the level 90 requirement.

Pedestal of Sky [Raid]

  • Siyamak and Barakah's breath weapons should no longer hit for quite as much.


  • Reduced the reuse time on the Shrunken Goblin Skull Earrings.
  • Rune of Evasion now generates a message when it triggers.
  • The Potency granted by Trakanon's Ring of Rejuvenation has been brought up into progression.


  • The Dire Ravager Whisperer - Dire Ravager Muzzle no longer needs to be equipped to use on dire ravagers.

Days of Summer – Week Seven

The ambling merchant Yun Zi is back this week with another new Days of Summer quest for you to partake in! For your assistance this week, Yun Zi will offer you new rewards including a cloak, a mantle, the Firmament of Tol'Ren, an Acension Focus Rune: Flash Fire and the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #7.

But don't forget - you'll have to make sure you've completed all of Yun Zi's previous quests before you can take on this one!

Yun Zi will have a new quest available next week on Tuesday, September 19th at 12:01AM PT. New quests will open up Tuesday up until the Days of Summer event ends on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT.

What are you waiting for, adventurer? Summer will be coming to an end before you know it!

Days of Summer – Week Six

Another week of summer means another quest from the merchant Yun Zi! Travel through Velious for the tradesbear, and he'll repay you with another handsome batch of rewards. This week's rewards include an earring, bracers, the Foundation of Tol'Ren, an Acension Focus Rune: Wisdom of the Kly and the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #6. On top of all that, Yun Zi will also increase of your Divine Potecy to level 40.

Remember, you'll have to finish all of Yun Zi's quests from the previous weeks before you can complete his newest quest!


Yun Zi will have require assistance again next week on Tuesday, September 12th at 12:01AM PT. Quests will continue to unlock each Tuesday up until the Days of Summer event ends on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT.


You'd better head out there, adventurer - new awards await!

Update Notes: Wednesday September 6, 2017


  • Reduced the lag stat from Death's Advance.


  • Ji'Lum's Shawl of Greater Wisdom should now give the proper amount of ability modifier.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented Evasive Moves from triggering.

The City Festival Starts in Neriak!

September is on the horizon and with it the Neriak city festival returns to Norrath! The festival begins on September 1st at 12:01am PT and runs until September 7th at 11:59pm PT. It can be found in Darklight Wood, in the area between Neriak and the chasm (at -554, -53, -74). Visit the Far Seas caravan merchants to see all of the local specialities and other festival goods.

Double XP Incoming!

Ready to spend a rewarding weekend in Norrath?

From 12:00PM PT on Friday, September 1, 2017 until 12:00PM PT on Tuesday, September 5, 2017ALL players on ALL servers will receive Double XP! Have your eye on something in the Marketplace? If you're a member, you'll also recieve 25% off of ALL Marketplace items!

Additionally, from 12:00AM PT on Friday, September 1, 2017 to 11:59 PM PT on Monday, September 4, 2017, you can enjoy DOUBLE Ethereal Rewards!

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