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Update Notes: Thursday August 24, 2017


  • Fixed an issue with spacing in the group window.


  • The revive point within Tower of Frozen Shadow will now revive you within the zone.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented the 101st orc from granting the final reward in Scourge Keep Duo Arena.


  • Mission crates and public quests now have a chance to drop either Season 1 or Season 2 familiars.
  • Corrected the damage multiplier that was granting some season 2 familiars higher damage hits than intended.


  • Corrected an issue that would cause some raid zones to lag from pets.
  • The entire raid force is now sent into a single instance when entering either Lost City of Torsis: Ashiirian Court [Expert-Raid] or Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple [Expert-Raid].

Lost City of Torsis: Ashiirian Court [Expert-Raid]

  • Respawning within the zone should now send you to the entrance of the expert version of the zone.
  • The Black Reaver should now spawn the ghosts after being defeated in his final form.
  • Rak'Ashiir's music boxes should no longer trigger their fail mechanic if killed within 30 seconds of them spawning.

Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple [Expert-Raid]

  • Xalgoz's Staff of Control can now be used within the expert version of the zone.

Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair [Raid]

  • Setri Lureth should now correctly award the flawless guild achievement.

Spirits of the Lost [Raid]

  • The Idol of Thule is no longer used in the Venekor encounter.


  • The Kra'thuk should no longer spawn infinite number of adds during his encounter.


  • Increased the base stats and potency on the Earring of Ascension.
  • Corrected a bug with several expert items that caused them to have lower potency than intended.


  • The Iksar Hero can no longer be rooted by Terrestrial Coffin.


  • Rage Breeds Rage - In Vesspyr Isles, "an essence of concentrated rage" now has a chance to drop after completing the quest.

Words From the Tribunal - Kander's Candor

Greetings Fellow Norrathians!

It’s time to start talking about what we have in store with GU 104 on August 22nd , as well as where we are going with some much anticipated changes coming this year!

Large Class Balance Pass

With GU 104, there will be a rather large balance pass which adjusts the outgoing damage across most classes, focusing primarily on Assassin, Wizard, and the Warlock class but most classes will experience some increase. Further updates have also been made to abilities for some of the support classes. This is by no means the final balance pass, and there will be lots of changes and improvements coming with the expansion. Expect, as we mentioned, to see a full new tier of class profession abilities as well as new Ascension abilities. [As a note, all of the current Ascension abilities will remain relevant, and we have no plans to introduce upgrades to current Ascension abilities.] With the expansion, class profession spells will drop as they have historically, so look forward to those master and ancient spell scrolls!

New Proving Grounds Zones + New Rewards

2 New Zones are being added to the proving grounds, one of which is our first Duo zone. Brave the terrors of the Deathfist Citadel Arena and survive the massive onslaught! The new Heroic zone lies within the Tower of Frozen Shadow. New loot! Yes, of course we are adding some new items to chase after to the PG merchants!

Gear Up Level Up Coming in September/October!

Gear Up Level Up is just around the corner!Look for lots of XP bonuses , Status Bonuses and Loot.

Summer Ethereal Events and Summer Promo Days Continue

New Waves of Ethereal items and new weeks with Yun Zi who is on Week 4, don’t miss out on the amazing rewards he has to offer!

New Season of Familiars!

Season 2 of familiars are coming! As usual, there will be in-game dropped familiars and new purchased ones. This is a larger set for season 2 with more to look forward to!

Expansion Prelude Quest – Late September!

The Expansion is just 3 months away! Coming in late in September, the prelude quest will give some clues to where we are going and what major stories will be told. There is also a major reward coming with the prelude that I think will surprise those who choose to check it out. I don’t know about yours, but mine goes to 11.

Isle of Refuge

Character transfer tokens are being made available to players on Isle of Refuge who have been on the server for more then 30 days. For those guilds that want to take advantage of the unique properties of the Free Trade server, status applied towards leveling your guild has been permanently set to five times the normal value!


Character transfer tokens will start being handed out soon and we will have a merge date for Stormhold to be merged into Antonia Bayle. More Information to come.

We’re knee deep building Expansion content, dungeons, raids and quests! We cannot wait to show you all what we have in store for you, but make sure you get those Epic 2.0 updates, it will be important.Lots more to come!

See you in Norrath!

Update Notes: Tuesday August 22, 2017


  • Scourge Keep Duo Arena is now on the Unranked Matches accessor and may be run solo or with a partner.
  • Tower of Frozen Shadow has been added to the Proving Grounds match rotation.
    • Game Type: Race to Completion
    • Players: 6 v Environment
    • Confront the threats within the Tower of Frozen Shadow, defeating each of the mystical threat in any order, though choose carefully as they are known to appropriate the abilities of the fallen.
  • The Battle for Felwithe and Battle upon the High Seas have been removed from the Proving Grounds rotation until they can be converted into single group heroic matches.
  • The Underdepths lockout has been increased to 3 hours.
  • New rewards have been added to the Proving Grounds Proven Merchant.
  • All Proving Grounds merchants have been moved out of the Proving Grounds and onto the home servers.
  • Proving Grounds champions will now receive a Mark of the Champion: Season 1 currency upon zoning into the Proving Grounds.
  • Corrected a bug that would prevent players that had a number appended to the end of their name from receiving their Proving Grounds champion flagging. This fix is not retroactive for previous rounds.


  • Familiars Season two has been added to the character sheet! These new familiars will begin appearing in Norrath and on the marketplace in the upcoming days.


  • Dispatch Mastery will now properly display the amount of increased Fervor.
  • Pulsing Gem of the Feerrott can now be used directly from inventory.
  • Contested Venekor now drops overall higher level items.
  • Ghastbane was not intended to be converted into a house item, and no longer mistakenly pops up a dialog window offering to do so.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented Prismatic Shard from triggering off of spell hits.
  • Dispatch Mastery will now properly display the amount of increased Fervor.
  • Murderous Flurry will now correctly modify Spinning Flurry as well as Flurry of Blades.
  • Fragments of Planar Energy are now Heirloom.
  • The Days of Summer Promotion merchant Yun Zi now sells the Hammers of Warslik, a throwing weapon.
  • Several Kunark Ascending items that displayed a trigger of "on hostile spell cast" which also triggered from combat arts have been moved to a new trigger effect called "on hostile ability cast". Hostile abilities include both spell and combat art attacks.


  • Swarthy Expertise will grant an ability doublecast component to Ruthless Cunning, Perfect Finesse, Inspired Daring for swashbucklers of level 100.
  • Murderous Flurry will now correctly modify Spinning Flurry as well as Flurry of Blades.
  • Dispatch Mastery will now properly display the amount of increased Fervor.


  • Minstrel's Aria grants Potency to Song of Magic and crit bonus overcap to Songster's Luck.


  • Battle Cry now has the chance to trigger an effect that causes all abilities to strike for maximum damage while applied.
  • Skad's Striking grants an effect that increases the base auto-attack multiplier of group members to Fortissimo.


  • Enhance Minds Eye will now add Crit Bonus Overcap and Fervor Overcap.
  • Increased Velocity grants an effect that increases the base auto-attack multiplier of group members to Velocity.

Outgoing profession ability damage has been adjusted by the following amounts on non-TLE servers.

  • Assassin: 20%
  • Berserker: 3%
  • Brigand: 9%
  • Bruiser: 3%
  • Channeler: 3%
  • Coercer: 3%
  • Dirge: 4%
  • Fury: 1%
  • Guardian: 3%
  • Illusionist: 1%
  • Inquisitor: 3%
  • Monk: 3%
  • Necromancer: 5%
  • Paladin: 5%
  • Shadowknight: 6%
  • Swashbuckler: 9%
  • Templar: 2%
  • Troubador: 5%
  • Warden: 6%
  • Warlock: 18%
  • Wizard: 16%

Outgoing profession ability damage has been adjusted by the following amounts on TLE servers.

  • Assassin: 15%
  • Brigand: 6%
  • Channeler: 5%
  • Coercer: 3%
  • Dirge: 3%
  • Illusionist: 3%
  • Inquisitor: 3%
  • Ranger: 12%
  • Swashbuckler: 6%
  • Troubador: 3%
  • Warlock: 9%
  • Wizard: 8%


  • Lost City of Torsis: Ashiirian Court [Expert-Raid] is now avaliable via the Expert Dungeons Portal summoner.
  • Ruins of Kaesora: Ancient Xalgozian Temple [Expert-Raid] is now avaliable via the Expert Dungeons Portal summoner.


  • Save the Reets - The "Reet Marching Orders" no longer requires to be equipped for use.
  • Save the Reets - Deletion of the quest now removes the "Sebilis Cell Keys" from your inventory.
  • "The Greater Good" timed quest can no longer be started in Lost City of Torsis: Reaver's Remnants [Challenge Heroic], as it could never have been completed there.
  • The Dire Wolf Whisperer - The Dire Wolf Muzzle no longer requires to be equipped for use.

Update Notes: Thursday August 17, 2017

Vaedenmoor Raids

  • Code has been put in place to prevent players from entering any version of the zone while still locked to a previous zone and/or not passed the minimum lockout time. Players will be banished from the zone if they fail this check regardless of any lockouts displayed on their lockout window.
  • This applies to Vaedenmoor: Heart of Nightmares [Raid] and Vaedenmoor: Realm of Despair [Raid].
  • Any previously saved zone instances have been reset.

Chamber of Rejuvenation [Raid]

  • Noxious Attuned can no longer be resisted.
  • Trakanon should now call out his target when he snaps his jaws.

Lost City of Torsis: The Shrouded Temple [Expert & Event Heroic]

  • The Meld of Haze is now immune to the ROOT effect from Terrestrial Coffin.


  • Jawharah Izzah, Shady Erudite at the Nektulos Docks, is now willing to sell Spiritbreaker to those channelers who have completed their epic quests.
  • Jawharah Izzah, Shady Erudite at the Nektulos Docks, is now willing to sell The Wards of Kelkarn to those troubadors who have completed their epic quests.

Sundered Splitpaw: Gladiator's Triumph

  • The Pit Champion will now correctly spawn at the end of the arena event.


  • Woven Vulcanized armor pieces from Lord Nagalik now possess additional defensive stats.
  • Stats on the Ring of Removal from King Drayek have been increased to match his other drops.
  • The Prismatic Greatsword of the Scale now has additional weapon skill bonuses.


  • The Truespirits' Lament - The shadowy creatures that start this quest have been disciplined. They will no longer attack or be visible until Destiny of Velious is available on TLE.

Days of Summer – Week Three

Yun Zi is back again this week with another quest! The merchant has a fresh list of locations that he's interested in having you visit for him. For your assistance, Yun Zi will grant you new rewards including ranged weapons and ranged slot adornments, a Fellowship of Stone focus rune, a ring, and an earring. Plus, if you're looking to decorate your home to match the summer season, he also has a Siren Enchantress Plushie and some Aqua Hanging Seaweed!

In order to complete Yun Zi’s new quest, you must have all of his previous quests finished! If you haven’t completed them yet, you’ll have to do some catching up before you can unlock the next set of summer rewards.

Yun Zi will have another quest available for you on Tuesday, August 22nd at 12:01AM PT. Quests will continue to unlock every Tuesday until summer comes to an end on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT.

Head on out there - new rewards await!

Update Notes: Thursday August 10, 2017


  • Added "Camera Shake" option under Display (advanced)  "Camera" to enable / disable camera shakes.

Chamber of Rejuvenation [Raid]

  • The reaction time for Prescient Gaze has been slightly increased.
  • The range for applying Noxious Attuned has been removed.
  • The duration of Noxious Attuned has been increased.

Isle of Refuge: Flight of Darathar [Raid]

  • Darathar should no longer hit players with his "Tail Lash" spell if they are not behind him.


  • Blarton Blumble should no longer fall through the floor.
  • Hartok Woolyman should no longer fall through the floor.


  • Stats on several items (including the Mark of Adumbrate) have been updated to fit into low level progression.
  • Stats on N'Kazk's rare drops have been upgraded to match his difficulty.
  • Robe of the Beguiler and Flowing Robe of Immortality have been updated to include more caster oriented stats.
  • Stats on Commander Kulcath's loot (including his Searing Breastplate) have been upgraded to better fit progression.
  • The proc 'Necroism', which appears on several low level items, will now properly debuff its target's arcane resistance.
  • Increased stats on the Bone Bladed Claymore heritage quest reward, as well as its Electrified version.
  • Slightly increased stats on the White Dragon Tooth to bring it inline with progression.
  • All ethereal class runes that applied potency increases to specific spells now apply them as Fervor increases. This change applies to Assassin, Beastlord, Brigand, Bruiser, Dirge, Ranger, Troubador, Warlock, Wizard class runes.
  • Procs on Stein of Moggok and Golden Efreeti Boots should no longer break stealth.
  • Swfzk the Mad now drops an additional gi that is more defensive in nature than the Gi of Madness.
  • The Ascended Journeyman Primer will now set your Ascension experience to the correct minimum amount for the granted Ascension level.
  • Eternal Darkness will no longer Cause Curse of Darkness to apply to the raid.
  • Channel Mastery will no longer be modified apply by the spell tier of Channel.


  • Corrected a bug that allowed the Spidermech Defender and Cobalt Construct familiars from getting into a state where they would no longer heal.


  • Corrected a bug that allowed some characters below adventure level 100 to gain ascension levels.
  • Added a check on all ascension spells that prevent them from being cast if you are below adventure level 100.


  • The Ascension masters Aranolh Tol'Ren, Chosooth, Miragul, and Najena will set the experience of your active ascension class to the minimum to obtain its current level.


  • A Strange Black Rock - Quest journal now reminds you Scholar Al'Quylar is in Antonica.
  • The Eyes Have It - Queen Antonia will speak to you, even if you have completed "Blood ties."
  • Blood ties - Players who have completed "The Eyes Have It" but did not accept "Blood ties" when first offered, may now return to Queen Antonia to be offered quest.
  • The Truespirits' Lament - The shadowy creatures that start this quest will remain hidden until Destiny of Velious is available on TLE.
  • What Lies Beneath - Journal now specifies Ethan Dariani as the NPC to speak with.
  • The Four-Armed Man - The four-armed seeker is now visible to all players while fighting.
  • Jerol in Village of Shin now offers "a Summons from Osh" to those who have completed "The End of an Era".

Days of Summer – Week Two

Yun Zi’s second quest is now available! This week the tradesbear is looking for more help, and will be sending you high above Norrath to the Kingdom of Sky. Fulfill his request and he’ll reward you handsomely with a variety of new items including an Ascended Journeyman Bauble, a Cowl, a Charm, a Bracelet, and the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #2.

In order to take on Yun Zi’s new quest, you must first finish his previous quest! If you haven’t completed it yet, you’ll have to catch up before you can unlock the new set of summer rewards.

Yun Zi’s next quest will become available Tuesday, August 15th at 12:01AM PT. Quests will continue to unlock once per week until summer comes to an end on Monday, October 2nd at 11:59PM PT.

What are you waiting for? More adventures with Yun Zi await!